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Castle Valves commenced manufacturing Industrial Valves about 25 years ago in 1990.The company is led by Mr. Navdeep Malhotra, the first generation entrepreneur. Since then Castle Valves is considered amongst the leading valve manufacturers in the country.

Castle Valves is acknowledged as a pioneer in technology for its Butterfly, Balancing and Check Valves. We are also considered a prime brand for Brass items like the Ball Valves and Non Return Valves. Castle Valves is renowned for developing new and technically advanced products.

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  • Castle Valves was the first in India to manufacture Digital Handwheel Balancing Valves and that to upto 400 mm.
  • Castle Valves was the first in India to develop Dynamic Pressure Independent Balancing Valves in the country.
  • Castle Valves specializes in developing Non Return Valves with minimum Head loss.
  • We have a wide range of products which can be seen on the home screen.
  • We supply regularly in the HVAC, plumbing and other pipeline sectors.
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